It is very likely that at some point you will need financial resources, whether to pay off debts, expand business or buy new equipment and supplies for your company.

In this situation, you ask yourself where to look for help to get credit and especially what is needed to take out an online loan.

Doing it all takes a lot of work, right?


Some basic documents are requested in advance to consult the credit line.

  • For individuals: certificates, social security number, proof of address and income, income tax return.
  • For legal entities: proof of registration and registration status of Legal entity, proof of income, business plan, social contract, and financial statements.

Before you know what it takes to take out an online loan you need to know a few more important details!

What loan options are available

What loan options are available

  • Business loan: it is ideal for those who want to open their own business and for those who already have a company. It is possible to use the loan to improve your enterprise or to acquire working capital (money used to keep the company running, such as payment of salaries);
  • Personal loan: Quite common, this type of loan is made from a credit analysis and can be obtained in a few hours, but it is not available to anyone.
  • Guaranteed loan: simpler options and easier to get approved. It can be used for personal or business credit, in this modality, a property (residential or commercial) or a paid vehicle is used as a guarantee of the resource raised in the loan.

To make your financial life easier, Good Credit offers oriented credit, providing full assistance from the first contact until the credit is released. So I will deliver you from all the effort in the search of what it takes to get an online loan.

Ask for a free credit simulation to find the best loan alternative for you. It’s quick, just fill in as much as you need, tell the reason for the loan application and provide some basic personal data so that Good Credit can analyze credit possibilities with lower rates and longer terms.

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