As a debtor, you certainly have obligations, but also rights! We charge 30 for half an hour for the individual first consultation of private persons without debts from self-employment. Our aim is to support people who are insolvent or threatened by bankruptcy due to the loss of a job, loss of business, divorce, illnesses, etc. ,

When foreclosures are imminent, the cycle very often begins in the debt trap. An agreement with your creditors or debt relief can be an opportunity for an honest borrower to make a new start on finance.

In the event of debt relief


You will have to pay the court the mandatory repayment rate for a maximum of 6 years (if you do nothing for 30 years), you, the honest borrower, will be released from the remaining debt after a maximum of 72 months!

It is important to know that the total debt does not affect the total of the mont. It has a repayment rate! So it doesn’t matter how high your debts are, you only pay the administrator the interest rate set by the judge, which only depends on your salary and your family situation. All creditors are provided with this fixed price!

You should also know the following: – You are only responsible for your debts! – Self-employment, which you can continue without further debts, is a good choice here too!

Effective help in auctioning foreclosure of a debt

Effective help in auctioning foreclosure of a debt

As a high-performance cooperation partner, we are knowledgeable, experienced and seriously at your side on the way there and show you how new perspectives arise from dismissal and hopelessness. No matter how big the problem of enforcement appears at first glance – we accept this task and look for a suitable answer for your individual task and your needs.

Experience with forced bankruptcy not to look back – but to look ahead and end the economic or economic problems. At Good Finance we will start a new era and competently work on new business areas in order to be able to offer our customers a high-quality and quantitative range of services even better than before.

If you own property is subject to enforcement, you must respond quickly and correctly. Does the bankruptcy of your company endanger you as an entrepreneur and managing director of a limited liability company due to over-indebtedness or bankruptcy? According to our motto: “Nothing human is alien to us”, we will be happy to advise you free of charge when you contact us for the first time. In this one-on-one discussion, we can deal more specifically with your individual starting situation and thus show you much better solutions that you can choose from.

In the event of a loss of creditworthiness


Impending or impending foreclosure or foreclosure, you can, therefore, contact us. We and our cooperation partner E-Money support you as a financing expert without a credit check in the search for a lender, even on critical occasions. Although we work together seriously and confidently in our field, we cannot think of anything strange.

With the help of the knowledgeable staff, I was able to avoid insolvency. I am already pleasantly amazed at the competence with which the employees have averted their insolvency. Together with the company and the friendly adviser, there was actually the opportunity to keep our home safe for us and our little guests.

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